Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in Britain

A Golden Dawn Time Line


The Original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in Britain



Dr William Wynn Westcott

Dr William Robert Woodman

Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers


A Few Noted Members


Moina Mathers

Annie Horniman

Florence Farr

Maud Gonne

WB Yeats

A E. Waite

John Brodie Innes

Edward Berridge

Constance Wilde

Paul Foster Case

Dion Fortune

William Peck

Aleister Crowley

Frederick Leigh Gardner

Israel Regardie

Robert Felkin

Allan Bennett

E. Nesbit

Pamela Coleman-Smith

Arthur Machen

Evelyn Underhill

Gerard Encausse

Sara Allgood

Gustav Meyrink

Charles Rosher

William Sharp

Charles W S Williams

Arnold Bennett



Original British Temples and their Offshoots

Isis-Urania (London: Westcott, Woodman and Mathers) March 20th 1888 - 1902

Hermetic Order of Morgenrothe 1902 - 1903

Amen-Ra (Edinburgh: JW Brodie Innes) April 14th 1893 - 1901 Re-opened 1910

Osiris (Weston Super-mare: B Cox) October 8th 1888 - 1895

Horus (Bradford: TH Pattinson) October 10th 1888 - 1902

Ahathoor (Paris: Mathers) December 3rd 1893 - 1918

Hermetic Order of the AO (London. Berridge, Innes and Mathers)) 1900 - 1939 [1]

The Sphere (London: Florence Farr) 1897

( this last one was a subgroup within the Isis-Urania Temple)



The Independant and Rectified Rite (AE Waite) 1901-1914

Stella Matutina

Amoun Temple 1903 - 1916

Smaragum Thalasses / Whare Ra (New Zealand: Felkin) 1912-1978

Hermes (Bristol: Felkin) 1916 to 1970s

Merlin (London: Felkin) 1916 to 1923 (later reactivated by Dion Fortune's students)

Secret College in London 1916 to 1926


[1] Changed from the name 'Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn'